The Silhouette Secret of the
Most Beautiful Women in the World

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IOBELLA is an innovative body-shaping spa exclusively for women that provides customized programs to help women trim and define their figures naturally.

IOBELLA – The Silhouette Secret of the
Most Beautiful Women in the World

The most beautiful European and South American women have benefited from IOBELLA’s method for decades. IOBELLA’s innovative body-slimming technique originated in Switzerland and evolved in Italy before making a splash in Argentina, where IOBELLA has achieved an A-list following among celebrities, socialites and women who simply want to look their best.

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IOBELLA employs a unique method that combines private training sessions in IOBELLA’s exclusive temperature-controlled pods with revitalizing spa services to help you lose inches quickly and safely, and come away feeling radiant and renewed.


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The IOBELLA Experience

At IOBELLA, we believe in a balanced approach to achieving your body’s ideal shape and silhouette. Because every woman’s needs are different, our team of IOBELLA specialists will work one-on-one with you to develop a customized plan and track your progress. Our top-notch service coupled with measurable results will keep you coming back to IOBELLA!

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